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2024 at the Roxbury Library

January 3rd, 2024 by admin | Filed under 1, About Us, Community News, Library Services, News.
The Roxbury Library has a staff, volunteers, and a Board who all hold the best interests of the library at the forefront: first and foremost to keep our doors open.
In 2024, our hope is to improve on these efforts in order to continue offering our patrons a varied selection of reading materials and DVDs. Our four new public computers, free WiFi, and wireless printing are for everyone to have the ability to connect. We would love to see our library traffic increase, and we hope that one of your New Year’s resolutions is to read more books.
Beginning January 1, we discontinued overdue fines - but, of course, we’d like our books back when you’re finished with them! Renewing is easy - call us at 607-326-7901 or use your account on the Four County website.  Need help with the Four County site? We can do that.
We are a small association but we are the best place in Roxbury where we can all meet. New in town? Old in town? We have seen our library be the place where friendships are made and connections are discovered.
We are looking forward to 2024 - we are your home to the world of reading, the world-wide web, and our little world here in Roxbury.