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Roxbury Library Volunteers

Final Count: 19 Pillowcases for Ryan’s Case for Smiles

Our terrific volunteer squad has completed 19 pillowcases, instead of the originally planned 10 cases! The patterns are so sweet - imagine how happy children will be to have such vibrant color in otherwise institutionally neutral hospital rooms. We thank them so very much for their dedication to this project - and it’s been way too much fun hosting them!
Again, our gratitude to Sarah Porter, Maggie Pebler, Kathy Zummo, Roxanne Lindner, and Chris Durham for their sewing talents and the inimitable in-house entertainment.
Special thanks to Lori and Katie Rosa of Bloom of Margaretville for final delivery to Albany Medical Center pediatric units, and to Becky Porter for donating additional pillowcases.

Our Caring Volunteers Give Their Time

The Roxbury Library is pleased to announce that our staff of dedicated volunteers have taken on a new project for themselves!  They are creating ten pillowcases in conjunction with Ryan’s Case for Smiles to Albany Medical Center pediatric patients.  Sewing began on January 3 and will continue until all pillowcases are completed.  Ryan’s Case for Smiles (formerly ConKerr Cancer) was founded in 2007 to bring comfort and support to young patients and their families in hospitals around the globe.  They started with a simple goal:  to create and distribute whimsical pillowcases that give children an emotional boost and remind them that they are not defined by their illness.  Today, Ryan’s Case for Smiles programs have expanded to include the children’s entire families so they can better navigate and cope with a very difficult experience and avoid long term emotional trauma.

Volunteers involved in this project were Sarah Porter - organizer, Maggie Pebler, Kathy Zummo, Roxanne Lindner, and Chris Durham (not pictured).

Bloom of Margaretville, owners Lori and Katie Rosa, will be distributing the completed pillowcases to Albany Medical Center.

For more information, consult https://caseforsmiles.org/miles-of-pillowcase-smiles-2023/

RLA Volunteers and Volunteer Information

The Roxbury Library Association and the Roxbury Library Staff always welcome and heartily appreciate the dedicated services rendered by Roxbury Library volunteers.

To inquire about volunteer opportunities at the Roxbury Library, please contact Library Director Mary Jean Scudder at (607)-326-7901.

To complete a volunteer application, please visit the Roxbury Library at 53742 State Highway 30, directly opposite the United Methodist Church on Roxbury’s Main Street.

Our current volunteers are:

Lorrayne Bolger, President

Lorrayne Bolger, RLA Summer Reading Program Coordinator

Carol Meckes, RLA Summer Reading Program Session Leader

Carol Meckes, RLA Summer Reading Program Session Leader

Amy Royal, RLA Summer Reading Program Session Leader

Amy Royal, RLA Summer Reading Program Session Leader

Peter Chen, RLA Technological Support

Pat Giella, Roxanne Lindner, Susan Moravec, Kasia Mrozek, Maggie Pebler - Manager, Sarah Porter, Abbie Wendell, and Kathy Zummo